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GMG E-Farm's Successful Debut at Ballymoney Show

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of GMG E-Farm's successful kickoff to the 2023 agriculture show tour across Northern Ireland. The team recently made their debut at the Ballymoney show on the 3rd June, marking an important milestone for us. Under the beautiful sunshine of a Saturday in Ballymoney, we had the opportunity to showcase the incredible benefits that GMG E-Farm brings to local farmers in terms of livestock management, time-saving, and cost-efficiency.

The event turned out to be even more memorable as we received the award of 2nd place for the best exhibition stand under 30 feet. We extend our gratitude to the Ballymoney show organizers for providing us with a wonderful day.

The Ballymoney show served as an excellent platform to connect with the farming community and highlight the invaluable features and advantages of GMG E-Farm. We were delighted to see the genuine interest and enthusiasm of local farmers as they learned about our app. Demonstrating how GMG E-Farm streamlines and enhances livestock management, we showcased how our platform helps farmers save time and money while ensuring efficient farm operations.

The successful start at the Ballymoney show sets a positive tone for GMG E-Farm's summer. The team eagerly anticipates showcasing their app at more shows, connecting with farmers, and empowering them with efficient livestock management solutions.


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